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What are parking lot stencils and markings?

Parking lot striping and markings are important for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, they help communicate information to customers or visitors about where to park. Appropriate markings should also be considered during this process, such as handicap parking, directional arrows, crosswalks, fire lanes, and no parking zones. Custom solutions are also available, such as EV parking, number or lettered parking spaces, etc. We use high quality paint that is specifically designed for parking lots. This paint is highly visible and durable. Parking lot markings such as directional arrows and crosswalks help keep customers or employees safe and limit the risk of vehicular accidents. Parking lot markings are often required by code, such as handicap markings and fire lanes. 

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The importance of proper markings.

Parking lot stencils and markings help ensure an organized flow of traffic in the parking lot while maximizing safety for everyone. Pavement markings are a great way to communicate information to visitors. Examples would be directional arrows help to guide traffic in the most efficient way. Pedestrian crosswalks give customers safe areas to cross parking lots. No parking zones keep fire lanes open and accessible to emergency responders. Reserved parking or numbered parking stalls reduces confusing and helps guide people to the proper areas to park. Electric Vehicles are continuing to become more common and the demand for EV parking stalls will continue to grow, having designated parking and charging areas will be appreciated by customers. It is important to consider all appropriate markings when planning the layout for your facility. The bright markings of parking lot spaces, arrows for entrances and exits, directional flow indicators, fire lanes, and handicap line-markings guide drivers and pedestrians for smooth traffic flow.

ADA Handicap Markings

Vertical shot of a handicapped parking sign painted in a handicapped parking spot at a new

The ADA Standards for Accessible Design does not have any requirements for the color of the paint to identify accessible parking but Indiana code requires the striping paint to be blue, see IC 5-16-9-4 (a)(6))"An accessible parking space and an access aisle must be designated with blue lines."

Fire Lanes

Fire lane painted on the side of a road.jpg

A fire lane is a distinctly marked area within a parking lot that is used to define where fire trucks, ambulances and other first responders go in the event of a emergency. A fire lane must be marked with the words "No Parking Fire Lane" in white letters and a stripe of at least four (4) inches in width, in conformance with the Indiana Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

Directional Arrows

fresh parking lot with directional arrows.jpg

Directional symbols and arrows are an effective way to help your clients navigate the space within your property. They clearly point out directions to prevent traffic congestion and accidents. The efficiency of the parking lot can be instantaneously improved with the addition of directional arrows. Customers will have an easy time to figure out where to park and exit without inconveniencing other drivers.

No Parking Zone

No Parking Fire Lane Markings.jpg

No parking zones are areas where no parking is allowed our permitted at anytime. This is a common marking to put in front of entrances and exits. Other common places that require these markings in parking lots are along curbing, outside emergency exit fire doors and in front of commercial dumpsters that are emptied regularly. 

Pedestrian Crosswalks

White Pedestrian Crosswalk.jfif

A pedestrian crossing or crosswalk is a place designated for pedestrians to cross a road or parking lot safely. A marked crosswalk can benefit pedestrians by directing them to cross at locations where appropriate traffic control, including traffic signals or signs, either currently exist or can be provided.

EV Parking Stalls

EV Charging.png

Electric vehicle parking stalls are typically reserved for EVs only, which means that drivers do not have to worry about competing for a space with gasoline-powered cars. These spots are typically located in close proximity to EV charging stations, making it easy for drivers to charge their vehicles while they are parked. As the number of EVs on the road continues to increase, it is likely that the demand for dedicated EV parking spots will increase.


Parking Lot Striping Professionals.

When you need parking lot restriping, we make the process hassle-free and convenient.  Let our experts recommend the appropriate time to restripe your lot.  We can apply striping after business hours if that fits your schedule best.  We understand that you have a business to run, and our goal is to not impede your normal business operating hours.


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